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dbt Labs is currently hiring for Software Engineer (8) Analyst (3) Senior Product Designer (1) Designer (1) Senior Software Engineer (7) Marketing Manager (1) Architect (1) Specialist (1) Engineer (10) Manager (2) Engineering Manager (1) Product Designer (1) Systems Engineer (1) Developer (1) Data Analyst (2) Product Marketing Manager (1) Product Design (1) roles.


dbt Labs is on a mission to empower data practitioners to create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Since pioneering the practice of analytics engineering through the creation of dbt—the data transformation framework made for anyone that knows SQL—we've been fortunate to watch more than 20,000 companies use dbt to build faster and more reliable analytics workflows. dbt Labs also supports more than 3,000 customers using dbt Cloud, the centralized development experience for analysts and engineers alike to safely deploy, monitor, and investigate that code—all in one web-based UI.






Philadelphia, PA