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APL Logistics is currently hiring for Analyst (2) Account Manager (1) Specialist (1) Intern (1) Manager (2) Account Manage (1) Analyst II (2) Analyst I (2) Manager II (1) Manager I (1) Account (1) roles and specializes in 3 pl Automotive sector CLS CNS Consumer sector Data Analytics Demand sensing Industrials sector Logistics Ocean Order management Retail Retail sector Supplychain Supplychain management Visual Analytics Warehouse management.


To stay ahead in today's global marketplace, your business needs a logistics partner that connects you to suppliers, vendors, and customers anywhere in the world – APL Logistics is that partner. Our operations span numerous continents, currencies, and customs – so your business grows even further. APL Logistics designs and operates global supply chains that deliver products everywhere you need them. Our innovative end-to-end solutions use data connectivity for greater visibility and control. Providing the resources to support your supply chain, our services include: - Supply chain design and engineering - Shipment consolidation and deconsolidation - Global freight forwarding and customs management - Regional warehousing and distribution networks management - IT solutions that increase supply chain performance within manageable costs …


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Scottsdale, Arizona