Deal Desk Analyst - Remote

Hi, I'm Alex, a Director of Sales Operations at We're looking for a Deals Desk Analyst to join our growing team.

As a Deals Desk Analyst, you will serve as the key point of contact for managing deal flows and structuring complex deals through the creation of proposals, ensuring strict compliance with internal policies and procedures. Your core responsibilities will involve proactively engaging with the sales team, leveraging analytical skills to optimize pricing strategies, and actively participating in contract negotiations. Through close collaboration with sales, finance, and legal teams, you will be instrumental in aligning all deals with company objectives, strategically maximizing revenue opportunities. Your pivotal role in shaping profitable deals, coupled with your dedication to compliance, will significantly contribute to enhancing overall business performance.
Some things you'll do:

  • Deal Structuring and Strategy - Manage the pricing and quoting process, ensuring competitiveness, and adherence to company policies. Collaborate closely with the sales team to formulate intricate deals, offering proactive assistance in deal configuration to optimize profitability while ensuring compliance. Spearhead the development and execution of sales strategies aligned with company objectives.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration -  Work closely with cross-functional teams, including Sales, Customer Success, Billing, Legal, and Product, to review and structure deals following company goals and policies.
  • Operational Procedures and Solutions - Review operational procedures, assess business process needs, and identify technical capabilities. Develop and configure customizable, scalable solutions to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Financial & Risk Analysis - Perform comprehensive financial analysis and risk assessments for proposed deals, recognizing potential opportunities and identifying threats. Evaluate and mitigate risks associated with non-standard agreements, obtaining necessary approvals and implementing mitigations. Contribute to negotiations by delivering pertinent competitive analysis and presenting strategic …

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