Technical Business Analyst - United States

Job Title: Technical Business Analyst

Department: Technology

About the Role: 

We are looking for an experienced, Technical Business Analyst to join the Payments Configuration & Triage team. You will work on monitoring claims integrations and triaging Tier 3 data issues that arise which will require regular work in monitoring tools and database querying respectively. As the Unite Us Payments product scales, you will take part in designing, implementing and testing solutions that will allow us to more easily support numerous integrations at a single time. As a Technical Business Analyst, it will be necessary to focus on supporting the product operations in their current iteration while simultaneously thinking about how to improve those in the future. You should be an expert at breaking down complicated, technical topics and explaining and documenting them in simple terms people can understand.

What You'll Do:

  • Analyze payments data support issues as they arise and either develop technical solutions to resolve them or prepare documentation for engineering to build a solution
  • Manage technical support projects that can be ambiguous in nature with guidance from management
  • Become an expert on the payments product, especially related to data integrations with payments customers
  • Identify opportunities for scaling and efficiencies within the payments technical operations process and work to help implement them

You’re a great fit for this role if:

  • Experience in a technical support role handling complex technical issues related to data feeds, SAAS platforms, integrations, SSO, and other related topics 
  • Experience in analyzing, defining and documenting business processes and rules
  • A knack for dealing with datasets and finding relationships in the data and identifying  gaps/issues
  • Understand the business processes and how it impacts technical operations to consistently …

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