Software Engineer I, EMEA - United Kingdom

HackerOne's mission is to empower the world to build a safer internet. HackerOne is the global leader in human-powered security. We leverage human ingenuity to pinpoint the most critical security flaws across your attack surface to outmatch cybercriminals. HackerOne’s Attack Resistance Platform combines creative human intelligence with the latest artificial intelligence to help organizations reduce risk and transform their businesses with confidence.

Position Summary 

As a Software Engineer I at HackerOne, you will participate in a new, ambitious project and grow both your technical and soft skills thanks to the strong mentorship culture. You will be part of the Security Talent Management Squad, a team responsible for building and maintaining products like Hacktivity, Opportunity Discovery and many more. You will create a real impact by improving hacker-facing features, APIs and automation. 

You will interact with one of the most vibrant communities of security researchers and hackers in the world, deliver amazing product offerings for thousands of companies who trust HackerOne with their cybersecurity and work on platform features for our internal stakeholders.

What You Will Do

  • Your first month will be spent getting to know our company and your fellow HackerOnies through our well-organized and fun onboarding process called H.A.T.C.H. You will be setting up your development environment, getting a feel for our engineering processes, and embarking on a journey to fully understand the domain you will be working with.

  • In the first 30 days, you will meet your fellow colleagues in the engineering team, pair with other software engineers, and learn about our codebases and Security Talent Management products. You will also have ample time to set up your development environment and get comfortable with our tools and …

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