Senior Product Designer

Buffalo, NY

Title: Senior Service Designer

Job Location: One M&T Plaza, Buffalo NY 14203


Design software services at scale across the UX design team; visualize software architecture through diagrams and representations that illustrate product experiences and product lifespan; perform Interaction Design, Service Design, and Information Mapping of backend development processes using Agile; design and implement user experience strategies; evaluate strategies and policies to ensure business requirements are being met; provide change management and transformation support by advising and conducting efforts that provide direction for business units; design technical programs using Figma and Miro, touchpoints, touchpoint inventory, services, products, service blueprint, journey, end to end, and back and front stage. Position eligible for 100% remote work.


Minimum requirements: Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical field, and four (4) years of experience performing Interaction Design using Agile; Information Mapping using Agile; and designing technical products.

Salary: $117,748.23 - $127,748.23 per year.

LocationBuffalo, New York, United States of America Apply

Job Profile


North America


United States


Agile Figma Information Mapping Interaction design Miro Service Design UX design

  • Design and implement user experience strategies
  • Design software services at scale
  • Design technical programs
  • Evaluate strategies and policies
  • Perform Interaction Design and Information Mapping
  • Provide change management and transformation support
  • Visualize software architecture

4 years


Bachelor's degree Computer Science Engineering


100% remote work


America/Anchorage America/Chicago America/Denver America/Los_Angeles America/New_York Pacific/Honolulu UTC-10 UTC-5 UTC-6 UTC-7 UTC-8 UTC-9