Senior Contracts Manager and Assistant Corporate Secretary


 FuelCell Energy is a global leader in decarbonizing power and producing hydrogen through our proprietary fuel cell technology. Our mission is to enable a world powered by clean energy. As an innovator and manufacturer of fuel cell clean power platforms, FuelCell Energy has the only technology in the world capable of capturing carbon from an external source and producing power at the same time. In addition, we offer the only technology in the world capable of producing hydrogen, power and water simultaneously.

The pay for this position ranges from $115,000 - $135,000.



Job Title: Senior Contracts Manager and Assistant Corporate Secretary


Job Overview: FuelCell Energy’s legal team is seeking a creative, organized, good-humored and tech-savvy contracts manager and assistant corporate secretary to take on a dual role of contracts and contract compliance manager. In this role, you’ll facilitate the efficient negotiation and execution of a broad range of B2B contracts and manage the company’s compliance with licensing requirements across multiple jurisdictions, as well as assisting the EVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary with the administration of corporate secretary duties.


Responsibilities - Senior Contracts Manager:

  1. Develop, implement, and manage a process to maintain up-to-date contract templates and legal playbooks
  2. Manage implementation of upgrades to existing contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, including integration with Salesforce; and drive adoption of use of CLM throughout organization
  3. Maintain CLM platform to ensure comprehensive database of executed contracts.
  4. Coordinate across multiple departments to ensure accurate and timely information to assist in negotiation and finalization of contracts
  5. Monitor legal intake system and communicate with requesting parties and counsel to ensure timely assignment and completion of legal requests
  6. With the direction of counsel, manage construction licensing compliance program, including (1) tracking jurisdictions in which Company may perform activities subject to construction licensing requirements, (2) with counsel’s assistance, develop, manage, and maintain up to date library of jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction analysis, and (3) assist company in obtaining and maintaining up to date licensures
  7. Under supervision of counsel, assist in the negotiation of routine contracts
  8. Become familiar with and remain up to date on legal operations technology; make recommendations to broader legal team for continuous improvements

Responsibilities - Assistant Corporate Secretary:

  1. Assist in management of day-to-day operations of the corporate secretary’s office of a public company
  2. Attend Board and other meetings as necessary and taking Board and Board committee meeting minutes. Liaise with senior management and Board of Directors as …
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