FNP Regional Clinical Faculty - Home Based, Versailles, KY, US

Job Summary

Regional Clinical Faculty (RCF) advise, support, educate, and evaluate students. The RCF supports and collaborates with clinical preceptors in keeping with the policies established by the University to ensure an effective clinical experience for students. The RCF provides leadership in establishing relationships within the nurse-midwifery/ nurse-practitioner community to further the goal of increasing and maintaining access to clinical sites for Frontier Nursing University (FNU) and to ensure the larger goal of increasing access to nurse-midwifery/nurse-practitioner care. The RCF participates in the ongoing development, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum in their area of advanced practice nursing.

Major Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities

University Related

  • Promotes the mission and philosophy of FNU.

  • Attends University, department, RCF, and faculty meetings

  • Participates in the annual Fall Faculty Meeting and Commencement as stipulated in their current FNU contract 

  • Participates in Clinical and/or Frontier Boundas stipulated in their current FNU contract 

  • Effectively collaborates with all departments at FNU to ensure student success and site/ preceptor satisfaction.

  • Provide service to the University through activities such as involvement in FNU shared governance (e.g., committees, workgroups), FNU sponsored activities (e.g., charity drives, community outreach activities), and/or service to the profession (e.g., presentations, professional organization committee work). 

  • Adhere to the elements of the Culture of Caring

  • Other duties as assigned. 

Course Related

  • Orients students to course expectations.

  • Documents student progress in course work and clinical setting at least every term via the university student retention system ( i.e., Dropout Detective).

  • Maintains currency in areas of expertise through clinical practice, literature review, participation in continuing education programs, etc.

  • Assigns grades and maintains course grade book and student records, meeting timeline requirements for grade submission.


  • Participates in course teams 

  • Participates in standing and/or ad hoc committees of FNU

  • Participates in professional organizations; acts as a representative of FNU in furthering nurse-midwifery and/or nurse practitioner education and/or practice.

  • Participates in the mentorship of other faculty members.

  • Provides service to the home community.

Student Involvement – Preclinical period

  • Communicates effectively with students, demonstrating respect and professionalism.

  • Responds to student-initiated contact after Frontier Bound to discuss the role of RCF and general plans for clinical practicum. 

  • Works collaboratively with the Clinical Outreach and Placement Unit to support students in the clinical site identification process.

  • Conducts Question & Answer sessions to support students’ clinical plan development. 

  • Reviews and approves the student’s Clinical Plan approximately four to six months prior to Clinical Bound and as needed.

  • Works collaboratively with the Clinical Credentialing Department to ensure the clinical site and preceptor quality assurance measures are maintained. 

  • Assigns a Clinical Bound date for the students following the confirmation of a clinical site and completion of the clinical site approval form.

  • Conducts a pre-clinical orientation session prior to the Clinical Bound term to review the clinical course requirements, policies, and processes. 

Student Involvement - Clinical period

  • Creates a social, cognitive, and teaching presence during courses through twice-monthly meetings with assigned students.

  • Maintains accessibility to students enrolled in the course through email, forums, phone calls, and other means of communication as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

  • Reviews and evaluates clinical course assignments, student evaluation tools, and students’ clinical documentation.

  • Completes evaluation of clinical students on-site or virtually. 

  • Advises students for course registration for each term following Clinical Bound.

  • Works with students and the Clinical Director to help students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

  • Coordinates and verifies end-of-clinical details.

  • Works with the students and preceptor to identify and find solutions to clinical problems

Clinical Site and Preceptor Evaluation

  • Completes and submits clinical site and preceptor evaluations.  

Preceptor Support

  • Provides preceptors with guidance in student interactions.

  • Orients preceptors to FNU clinical policies and processes 

  • Provides access to FNU courses and guidebooks for preceptor resources 

  • Encourages preceptors to participate in preceptor education and programs related to precepting.

  • Maintains contact with the clinical student’s primary clinical preceptor at least monthly.


  • Participates in scholarly work through publication, grant writing, presentations, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project participation, scholarly consultation, and/or other scholarly endeavors.

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Skilled in communication, problem-solving, computer literacy, management, and organization preferred.

Education and Experience:

  • Nationally certified in an appropriate advanced practice role. 

  • Active in the nurse-midwifery or nurse practitioner community.

  • Doctorate in Nursing (or working toward) or related field.

  • Experience in precepting students is preferred.

  • Unencumbered license to practice

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to travel routinely

  • Sit/stand for long periods

  • Able to lift 40 lbs

Work Location:

  • Remote

Reporting Relationship

  • The Regional Clinical Faculty reports to the Clinical Director based on specialty areas.


Job Profile


Europe North America


France United States


Clinical Practice Communication Community outreach Computer literacy Curriculum Development Education Leadership Nurse Practitioner Organization Problem-solving

  • Advise, support, educate, and evaluate students
  • Assign grades and maintain records
  • Attend meetings and events
  • Collaborate with clinical preceptors
  • Collaborate with departments for student success
  • Communicate effectively with students
  • Conduct pre-clinical orientation sessions
  • Document student progress
  • Establish relationships within the nurse-midwifery/nurse-practitioner community
  • Maintain accessibility to students
  • Maintain expertise through practice and education
  • Mentor other faculty members
  • Orient students to course expectations
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Participate in course teams and committees
  • Participate in curriculum development
  • Promote university mission and philosophy
  • Provide service to the community
  • Review and approve student's clinical plan
  • Support students in clinical site identification process

Doctorate in Nursing


Home Based


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