Engineering Manager- Frameworks and Services

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About Semgrep

Our mission is to make world-class software security available to everyone. This means building program analysis tools that are open source, easy to use, powerful, and fast. It also means building a team with security expertise and a passion for great developer experiences. Most of all, it means working with honesty and respect in a diverse community of dreamers and builders. We’ve redefined static analysis tooling by committing to all of these, and turned our project, Semgrep, into an essential safeguard for code at Snowflake, Dropbox, and more.

About the role

The Frameworks and Services team provides the application-level building blocks that provide a stable foundation for our products here at Semgrep. As the engineering manager for this team, you will reinforce, empower and grow a group of independent, creative, dedicated engineers. 

You’ll learn about the application-security space, meeting with developers and security professionals at organizations ranging from single-person startups to social-media giants. Through Semgrep’s culture of transparency, you’ll see, and influence, the strategic decisions that make a startup successful. You will grow with your team, learning how to foster the development of ever more skilled engineers, to recruit diverse talent, and to build a team that scales as Semgrep is broadly adopted. Your decisions will be key to making Semgrep a world-leading static-analysis project, giving you lasting influence not only at Semgrep, but in the world’s developer community.

You will:

  • Continually grow your team through the hiring of diverse, productive, high-level technical talent
  • Build an environment of trust that rewards creativity, risk taking, and personal responsibility
  • Retain and strengthen engineers with coaching and mentorship, regular feedback and performance reviews, and performance management when necessary
  • Listen to and encourage your engineers’ feedback to continually improve your own leadership skills
  • Prioritize and direct your team’s schedule, balancing the needs of developing new technology, supporting our open-source community, and fostering internal technical quality; update these priorities to meet the needs of Semgrep as it grows
  • Collaborate with other teams and departments at Semgrep to define and deliver a shared strategy, define quantitative metrics that reflect engineering success, and regularly inform executive leadership of departmental plans and needs
  • Promote a productive, engaging, diverse, and inclusive culture that embodies Semgrep’s core values

You are ideal for this role if you have:

  • Two or more years of experience leading software engineering teams preferably on a platform team.
  • A strong desire to help engineers grow
  • Solid background in cloud software development tools, technologies, and best practices (AWS, IaC, CI/CD, Observability, Authz, Authn)
  • Familiarity with agile development principles

You might spend a typical day:

  • Defining goals for a standup to make sure it is productive and on track
  • Working with your team, product management, and engineering leadership to prioritize evolving and scaling existing systems and building new features where appropriate
  • Working cross-functionally to developing strategy at the quarter and year level
  • Meeting weekly with direct reports to conduct 1:1s and with leadership to provide updates
  • Hiring and mentoring an intern
  • Implementing some of the foundational architecture to set the team up for success

Recent Team Initiatives

  • Making it easier for customers to connect their source code systems to our Cloud Platform
  • Expanding coverage of existing features like PR comments to additional source code systems
  • Launching fine-grained ACLs for enterprises


Salary Range: $171,000 - $202,000

Our compensation package includes equity and benefits in addition to salary.

Please note that the range listed is for someone based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What we offer

Our goal is to competitively and fairly compensate every Semgrep employee with a system that equally rewards those who are vocal and those who are less comfortable making demands during the final steps of the hiring process. To that end, we generate internal compensation bands that are used when discussing and negotiating salaries. We update these based on market data to make sure they’re above the average for comparable roles.

We also invest in our employees’ well-being and long term success with comprehensive health plans, generous vacation time, 401k, learning stipends, and more. Our benefits are for everyone, so that you’re taken care of, and we work with individuals to make sure they have what they need, whether that’s quiet work space, adjusted hours, or something else.

Who we are

We have people from France and the Philippines, physics and philosophy, formal methods research and full fledged corporations. We’re new parents and new grads, aspiring authors and aspiring Americans, dog lovers and dogfooders. We get together often to bike, bake, and meet up in parks. In our interactions, we believe respect and honesty go hand in hand, and prioritize both.

Semgrep is an equal-opportunity employer seeking a diverse range of backgrounds. We value who you are — including your cultural heritage, your socioeconomic status, your age, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, your disabilities. We value what’s vitally important to you — your family, your religion, your politics. We value what you love in this world — your music, your weekend pursuits. We believe in welcoming varied professional backgrounds, educations, and interests. If you’re exceptional in your role, believe in Semgrep’s mission, and treat Semgrep’s values as your own, you belong here.


Job Profile


North America


United States




Agile Development Authn Authz AWS CI/CD Cloud software development IaC Observability Security Expertise

  • Define team goals
  • Hiring and mentoring
  • Implement foundational architecture
  • Meet with direct reports and leadership
  • Prioritize system evolution and feature development

2 years


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