DevSecOps Engineer - Remote (WFH)

Washington, DC, US | Phoenix, AZ, US | Oak Ridge, TN, US | Austin, TX, US | Oregon, US | Austin, TX, US

Position Summary:

The DevSecOps Engineer/Security Specialist position is part of the Human Capital Management (HCM) Security and Preparedness Sub-portfolio Veteran Affairs Centralized Adjudication and Background System 2.0 (VA-CABS 2.0) team within the Human Capital Management (HCM) portfolio in support of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Consolidated Corporate Support Services (CCSS) program.

Within the Human Capital Management (HCM) Product Line, VA-CABS 2.0, The Veterans Affairs Centralized Adjudication Background Investigation (BI) System 2.0 (VA-CABS 2.0) provides the Office of Operations, Security and Preparedness (OSP), Office of Personnel Suitability and Security (PSS), with a centralized case management system for adjudication tracking. The Salesforce VA-CABS 2.0 tool provides the PSS team with an efficient platform managing pre-appointment, suitability, and the security clearance process for each case. This system is used to onboard VA staff, contractors, affiliates, trainees, and volunteers. This solution provides a fitness determination for VA subjects in performance of their duties in the service of Veterans and their ability to safeguard VA Subjects and Veteran data.

The VA-CABS 2.0 system receives BI and adjudication decision information from the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) via an API from the Digital Integration Platform (DIP) VA System. VA CABS 2.0 integrates with DIP through a connected App with signed certificates, and supports files handled through DIP as a one-way transfer from the DIP platform to the VA SFGCP VAEMPL org. VA-CABS 2.0 exchanges data with the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Onboarding Solution (OBS) and VA Master Person Index (VA MPI). This application is part of the Salesforce Government Cloud Plus - Enterprise boundary. VA-CABS 2.0 manages the full lifecycle of investigations supporting Security Specialists in the adjudication process. 

The primary role will be to support the creation of comprehensive set of turn-key documents for the VA-CABS 2.0 and its related supporting areas, document existing technical and operational processes and architecture, document interfaces, policies and procedures, and provide delivery oversite and assurance of requirements delivery. 

  • Delivery in an Agile, Lean, SAFe-based environment utilizing DevSecOps, ARTs, and related processes, methodologies, and concepts.
  • Demonstrate your experience with Source Control Management tools.
  • Create, maintain, and manage fully automated CI build processes for multiple environments.
  • Writing build and deployment scripts.
  • Support CRM tools integration/ operations/ change management, and maintenance.
  • Support full automation of Testing.
  • Support policies, standards, guidelines, governance and related guidance for both CRM operations and for work of developers.
  • Train and support developers from source control, through build automation, merge resolution, test automation, deployment based on tools usage and policies.
  • Setup, manage, and maintain the continuous build/continuous integration infrastructure used by the application.  
  • Partner with engineering and product managers to ensure business requirements are supported by corresponding technical requirements and infrastructure.
  • Implement big visible charts to graphically present key metrics and measures that keep teams focused on what needs their attention and to promote transparency.  
  • Routinely stress test systems to expose weakness in both infrastructure and applications.
  • Enable successful release management by moving code from Development and Testing environments to Staging and Production.
  • Manage and maintain the security infrastructure required for deploying secure, scalable and reliable applications, while routinely conducting preventive and adaptive maintenance to increase security, performance, and reliability.
  • Object Oriented Programming within a delivery team, as well as worked on a DevOps team that supported a set of engineers.
  • Experience of software development processes and code management tools and processes.
  • Knowledge of DevOps Engineering Processes and Operations & Management (O&M).
  • Ability to conduct in-depth triage, troubleshooting, and forensics across all facets of the cloud stack while executing process corrective action and continual service improvement.
  • For VA’s Human Capital Management Product Line:
    • VA-CABS 2.0:
      • Solution Experience
      • Experience with Salesforce CRM (SAAS).
      • Experience conducting in-depth triage, troubleshooting, and forensics across all facets of the cloud stack.
  • Required Education, Experience, and Clearance:
    • Bachelor’s and five (5) years or more experience, - OR –
    • Master’s and three (3) years or more experience
    • Ability to obtain a VA Position of Public Trust – Medium Background Investigation (MBI)

Job Profile


North America


United States


Agile API CI/CD Continuous Integration CRM DevSecOps Identity and Access Management Lean Onboarding SaaS SAFe Salesforce Salesforce CRM Source Control Management Test Automation

  • Automate Testing
  • Create automated CI build processes
  • Delivery in Agile environment
  • Implement metrics visualization
  • Manage continuous integration infrastructure
  • Release Management
  • Stress test systems
  • Support CRM tools integration
  • Train developers on tools and policies
  • Troubleshooting



America/Anchorage America/Chicago America/Denver America/Los_Angeles America/New_York Pacific/Honolulu UTC-10 UTC-5 UTC-6 UTC-7 UTC-8 UTC-9