Counselor Military Support – Remote Opportunity - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

This position requires the selected candidates to be within 100 miles of a Naval Installation in the region they are supporting. To meet that requirement for this opening, you must be within 100 miles of a Naval Installation in one of the following locations: 

  • Pearl Harbor, HI
  • Atsugi, Japan
  • Yokosuka, Japan
  • Sasebo, Japan
  • Guam

Job Title:  SAIL Case Manager


The Navy’s Sailor Assistance and Intercept for Life (SAIL) program was designed to allow for command support and involvement throughout a Sailor’s recovery following a suicide-related incident to optimize successful reintegration and to ensure mission readiness.  Through a series of voluntary caring client contacts with SAIL Case Managers, SAIL monitors a Sailor’s healing progress by using evidence-based tools at various stages of his/her recovery. SAIL may also increase a Sailor’s compliance with existing treatment through monitoring and command support while empowering the Sailor to strengthen their coping skills and build resilience.  SAIL provides rapid-assistance clinical case management services addressing risk management, care coordination and reintegration assistance for Sailors identified during the period of highest risk after an event involving suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

SAIL Case Managers shall telework full-time, from contractor approved locations, but must be physically located within the local commuting area of a Navy installation for the purpose of completion of background investigations, CAC issuance and NMCI account maintenance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receive Command and non-Command referrals and make an introductory contact to referred Sailors to provide information about the SAIL program.
  • Provide an initial clinical assessment and ongoing risk assessments using the Columbia Suicide Severity Risk Scale (C-SSRS). Provide ongoing safety planning using the Veterans Affairs Safety
  • Collaborate closely with Sailor’s Command providing routine updates regarding …

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Job Profile


North America


United States


Case Management Clinical assessment Risk Assessment Safety Planning

  • Connect Sailors to resources
  • Document referral information
  • Maintain records
  • Provide clinical assessments
  • Report abuse/violence

Must be within 100 miles of a Naval Installation


America/Anchorage America/Chicago America/Denver America/Los_Angeles America/New_York Pacific/Honolulu UTC-10 UTC-5 UTC-6 UTC-7 UTC-8 UTC-9