Ultimate Jobs Plan

$ 2,950.00 / month

Ultimate Jobs Plan - image

Auto-publish your remote vacancies for a monthly flat-fee – let us do the work for your monthly inflow of fresh candidates


You have a larger amount of exciting remote vacancies to publish or your company is in growth mode and you need to hire fast and often?

Then our Ultimate Jobs Plan is your prime option. It allows you to streamline your recruitment efforts and focus more on hiring great talent instead of filling out forms and managing job ads.

This plan provides you and your company a hands-off, flat-fee subscription package. You'll get an unlimited amount of standard remote job listings per month on our site and everything runs fully automated for you. We do all the posting and you get the candidates. This is your auto-pilot solution to constantly increase your candidate pool in the Remote Hiring/WFH space with the talents you just haven't reached yet.

Start your subscription today and we'll set you up and get your remote job listing feed live within the next business day. You can cancel your subscription at any time towards the end of each month.

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