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Posted 1 month ago

In our mission towards powering careers through tech education, we are doubling down on the support that we offer to our students. As a part of this, we want to extend an opportunity to you to become a Mentor on our platform. Mentors are Industry professionals who provide world-class technical support to our students in their Nanodegree journey. All our mentors are handpicked through a rigorous selection process so that we can truly be #studentfirst. 


Required skills/qualifications:

  • Technical Skills: Kafka, Kubernetes, Grafana, CI/CD, Istio
  • Strong interpersonal skills 
  • Student-oriented mindset and focus on understanding their problems
  • Flexibility at their current job to take this challenge as a part-time, independent contractor


  • As a Q&A Professional 
    • Provide support to students by responding to technical queries over the Knowledge platform.
    • Maintain a response time of less than 1 working hour for student queries on Knowledge Hub.
    • Unblock students by providing technically correct and thorough answers.
    • Read more about the role - Knowledge Moderation

  • As a Project Reviewer
    • Review project submissions and provide personalised feedback to the students submitting their project. 
    • Ensure that project submission from the student is original work and has not been plagiarised.
    • Maintain a review time of less than 8 working hours for project submissions submitted by the students. 
    • Read more about the role -Reviews” 

Why should you apply? 

  • Gain recognition for your technical knowledge
  • Network with other top-notch technical mentors 
  • Earn additional income 
  • Contribute to a vibrant, global student community 
  • Stay updated on the latest in cutting-edge technologies

There are only 15 open positions, so please don’t wait too long to apply!

Before applying, we would request you to kindly complete the General Information Form if you haven't filled it already. 

Note: Mentors are independent contractors and set their own schedule.

Job tags: CI/CD Kafka Kubernetes Mentor Security