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RenoFi Loans use the expected value of your home post-renovation rather than your home’s current value making it possible to finance your entire project at the lowest rate possible.

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The Head of Sales role at RenoFi is responsible for building and managing our team of professional advisors whose primary focus is the conversion of qualified leads into applications for RenoFi Loans. To succeed in this role, you will need to build a sales org that is laser focused on building trust & preparing for scale. Here’s how we think about it:
Trust - Every month, roughly $1B of loans are requested through our proprietary platform by homeowners all around the country who are in need of financing to transform the houses they currently live in to the homes of their dreams. RenoFi Loans are designed to better meet the needs of most renovating homeowners versus traditional financing options. This uniqueness, combined with the fact that RenoFi Loans are exclusive to our firm, means homeowners can be skeptical. Consider that one of the top searches on the internet for RenoFi is: “Is RenoFi Legit?” - yes, you read that correctly, homeowners think RenoFi is too good to be true! While this is in some ways flattering, it can pose a challenge for the sales team to overcome. Although we have made great strides in dispelling consumer hesitation, at the core of the design of the sales org has to be a foundational strategy for earning the trust of homeowners.
Preparing for scale - We aren’t shy about our ambitions. Everyone at RenoFi deeply believes the world will be a better place when renovating becomes possible for all homeowners. Everything we do at RenoFi is with the understanding that we are building this company for the masses. The sales org is no different. While our team presently numbers about a dozen, candidates considering this role need to be thinking about the day when this team is in the hundreds.

You’re someone looking for an opportunity where there are no sacred cows and everything is up for reinvention. You approach every day as an opportunity to improve. You know how to build and motivate a sales team, and you’re pumped to build a world class training program. You’re not afraid to take chances, to experiment, and quickly change course when something isn’t working. You know when to be data driven and when to trust your gut. You are at your best when you are surrounded with highly motivated and effective professionals aligned to do the best work of their careers. Finally, you’re someone who isn’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and test the systems you put in place yourself.

The Head of Sales will be responsible for representing homeowners at the leadership table. Our sales team is on the front lines for RenoFi; they spend the most time interacting with homeowners seeking RenoFi Loans. This means our sales staff must be in tune with the needs of our homeowners and you will be their voice. Whether it’s fighting for better financial products to better meet the needs of homeowners, or advocating for changes to our technology to make it easier for homeowners to get financing through RenoFi, the Head of Sales will be responsible for ensuring homeowners are represented in all strategic discussions and product roadmapping exercises.


  • You have experience leading a remote, inside sales team that is responsible for converting inbound leads (rather than generating leads) at a scaling technology company.
  • You’re a data driven sales leader, and can be self-sufficient on this front; you don’t need to rely on an analyst to interpret data.
  • You’re someone with mortgage lending experience, or at a minimum consumer based FinTech/lending experience.
  • You are passionate about identifying and recruiting amazing, undiscovered sales talent.
  • You have significant experience working with Salesforce.
  • You have experience working in a highly regulated environment.
  • You are confident interacting with product/technology teams and you’re skilled in communicating and advocating for what your team needs to succeed.
  • You’re someone who takes your craft incredibly seriously, but not yourself.
  • You have experience managing a P&L.
  • You have experience building compensation and incentive plans.


  • Measuring success for this role quantitatively will be quite straightforward as we’ll look at it on two dimensions: Effectiveness and Efficiency. Effectiveness being measured in terms of the conversion rate of qualified lead to loan closed while efficiency being a measure of the sales cost per closed loan. Qualitatively, success is even more straightforward - the Head of Sales becomes an irreplaceable member of the team.
  • This role reports to the CEO and is part of the senior leadership team.
We are committed to hiring and cultivating a diverse team. If you are uncertain about whether you meet our requirements, please apply anyway!

The demand for home renovations has never been stronger, yet, it's surprisingly difficult for a new homeowner to renovate. It can take a decade to build up enough home equity and savings to pay for a major renovation. As a result, recent homeowners do a lot of financially-suboptimal things to compensate like borrow from their 401k, rack up credit card debt, and use high-interest personal loans. Or they just live unhappily for years in a home that doesn't meet their family's needs.
But by completing a major renovation, homeowners are increasing the value of their home. Professional real estate investors leverage this After Renovation Value (ARV) to roll the increase in value into new properties all the time. But there hasn't been a great way for homeowners to take advantage of this. If homeowners had an ability to borrow against the ARV, they could increase their borrowing power up to 10x.
To meet this need, RenoFi created a platform that enables homeowners to borrow funds from RenoFi approved lenders in the form of the first home equity loan purpose-built for renovations! Unlike standard home equity loans, RenoFi Loans use the value of your home post-renovation which lets you borrow the most money at the best possible terms.  RenoFi is creating a full suite of renovation loan products to better suit the needs of today’s homeowners!
For homeowners, RenoFi makes it possible to renovate years earlier than might be otherwise feasible. For contractors, we empower the financing of renovations at the point of sale, reducing instances of scope reduction, and ensuring prompt payment. Our lender partners, most often credit unions, rely on RenoFi's platform to generate loans, create efficiencies, and grow membership. The lenders pay RenoFi for the new loans, which allows us to offer our services to homeowners for free. RenoFi is truly a win-win-win for everyone involved.
RenoFi is backed by some of the best startup investors in the world, including First Round Capital, Comcast Ventures, and Canaan Partners.

RenoFi has been built from the start as a fully distributed team with an intentional focus on growing a strong team and culture that spans timezones and nationalities. Here's one fun example!
Please highlight any prior experience working remotely when applying. US or GMT-adjacent timezones will be prioritized.
RenoFi offers competitive cash and equity compensation. Some benefit offerings will vary from country to country. In the United States, we offer competitive health and retirement plans. All staff across the globe enjoy a flexible vacation policy.

Our post announcing our funding: https://www.renofi.com/blog/financing-should-not-be-the-hardest-part-of-renovating/
Blog post by our lead investor announcing his investment in RenoFi: https://www.canaan.com/latest/brendan-dickinson-announcing-our-investment-in-renofi
National coverage by Housing Wire: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/renofi-raises-6-4-million-to-help-lenders-offer-home-renovation-loans/

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