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Over a million people use Sketch to transform their ideas into incredible products every day. Would you like to join us and help take this leading design platform to the next level? We’re looking to expand our team with a full-time Product Designer for our Editor team.This position is for the Editor team, responsible for the nuts and bolts of the editing experience in our native Mac app: navigation and selection, moving and dragging, resizing and alignment, layout, vector editing, UI architecture, and more. These are the foundational elements of designers’ day-to-day workflow, which underpin everything else.The Editor team works with with other product teams who look after other aspects of editing experience in the Mac app (such as Design Systems and Prototyping), as well as the Mac Core technology team, who look after areas such as rendering and performance.
Sketch has always been a 100% remote company, and our team are based around the world. Being remote adds great flexibility, and helps us build a more diverse team. We put respect for each other above everything else.Besides being remote, we work asynchronously as often as we can. This means that our team communicates mostly using Slack, Notion and GitHub. When we need it, we also have video calls.We’ve been fully remote since day one. It’s meant we can bring together incredible people from around the world. We encourage our people to be themselves and embrace what makes us unique. We value different backgrounds, perspectives, and experience, and we strongly believe this is key to achieving outstanding results.
What you’ll doAs a Product Designer, you’ll work with a wide range of talented people in feature-focused teams. You will be involved in the entire process, from the first idea for a feature, to its release.On a typical day, you could be:- Working with developers to explain a concept, try out early versions and adjust if necessary.- Sharing and discussing your latest work with the design team and as a result helping to maintain a strong design culture.- Discussing categorization of a menu item, and the choice of a keyboard modifier for its shortcut, and how they relate to and may impact other menu items and shortcuts.- Collaborating with a copywriter on a label for a control, weighing the impact of multiple options in your design, and working out any further repercussions.- Looking at existing behaviors and features systematically, spotting inconsistencies, limitations or redundancy, and coming up with ways to improve or simplify them.- Trying out features from other teams and providing feedback on improvements.- Pondering on a creative idea for a while (we recognise you need time and space to be creative).
About YouYou’ll know that Product Design is about more than just designing beautiful screens. Explaining your choices and taking action to make sure your team understands them is just as important to you. You are the owner of the creative process and are keen to move ideas forward. You know when to involve others to validate ideas — be it within Sketch, or through user research.You’re excited to work at the foundational level of the user experience of creating and editing in Sketch: selection, dragging, layout, sizing, navigation, keyboard input, mouse or trackpad interactions, and more. You enjoy the challenge of designing for a highly interconnected system which underpins everything else in the product, and you think holistically about its parts, how they relate to each other, and how they impact other features/teams.You feel in command of every tool in the toolbox; consider the role of copywriting, iconography, and interaction mechanics; and understand that everything works together and work can live or die by their details. You accept that your work is often invisible, and a solution might have you create no new UI elements, but rather specify a myriad of small changes, or removing things.You’re attentive to opportunities for meaningful improvements to the existing user experience, no matter how long-held and well-established it might be. You relish working through every layer of the problem, from the high-level scope of a feature, down to intricate details that many would overlook. You’re thorough in your execution, considering a wide range of scenarios and use cases.


  • You’ve worked with product teams that ship regularly to a large, diverse set of users.
  • You can think beyond static screens and contribute to discussions around the wider user experience.
  • You realise that no design can live in a vacuum and that it needs several iterations to be perfect.
  • You have excellent communication skills, know how to present ideas, and are happy to collaborate with others to solve problems.
  • You are self-motivated and comfortable working in a remote position.
  • You’re deeply familiar with the user experience of the macOS platform and native apps.
  • You’re able to work full-time and are based in European / African timezones.


  • You’re familiar with a variety of creative visual software tools
  • You’ve designed native macOS apps before
Even if you're not able to tick all of these boxes, we would still love to hear from you.
Job perks/benefits: Flex vacation
Job region(s): Africa Europe
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