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MURAL is on a mission to inspire and connect imagination workers globally.

MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration that connects over 75 percent of the Fortune 100. Teams at global enterprises including IBM, USAA, E-Trade, Intuit, SAP, Atlassian, Autodesk, and GitHub embrace visual collaboration to run more productive meetings and workshops. This leads to a more creative, engaging, and fun way of working together, all in a welcoming, simple-to-use online space.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, MURAL employs over 500 people around the world. In 2020, MURAL raised $118M in a series B round of financing and are working hard to take MURAL to the next level.


At MURAL, we believe that everyone involved in product definition and design should conduct intelligent, engaging and insightful customer conversations. Our Designers and Product Managers do the bulk of user research for their areas, from requirements analysis to concept evaluations and usability testing. And while we are growing our UX Research team fast, we don’t want to take over all customer conversations. We don’t want to “deliver” insights to our product makers or get their “buy-in” on our recommendations. Instead, we want to coach them on the art and science of User Research, so that they can benefit from doing good research first-hand. We want to up-level Research skills across the Design and Product organizations (and beyond), so that the team’s passion for customers results in quality insights about them. 

This is where you come in. As the Research Coach, you will:

  • Coach Design and Product Management teams on User Research skills, so that they can conduct quality day-to-day research for their areas. The more versatile and tailored your coaching approach is to the needs of the team and variety of existing skills, the better. 
  • Select and standardize a common set of go-to Research methods that are the best match for our product, process, culture, and resources. Develop templates for research plans, discussion guides, synthesis and knowledge sharing mechanisms that can be used as starting points by the Product and Design teams.   
  • Establish and manage a Research Quality Oversight process to ensure that all product teams adhere to the best practices of doing research. .  
  • Lead strategic, cross-pillar research projects. Identify and lead selected projects where professional research ownership and execution is required to achieve strategic impact.   
  • Own synthesis of cross-project insights on topics of strategic importance. Help Product contextualize and prioritize customer problems based on your understanding, and push them to think beyond their immediate roadmaps.
  • Partner with Research Ops and Voice of Customer Program Managers to ensure that all research programs and projects deliver high-quality, actionable and impactful outcomes. 
  • Be an ambassador of UX Research across the company and with company leadership.     

Make research at MURAL fun and inspirational, not just robust and actionable. We "play to wow" as a company, and you are a "play to wow" role model of all things Research.


You wowed us with your mindset and skillset alike. We totally get it if there is no other role that describes you as much as this one does; this is a unique role for a unique person.  


  • You believe that customer research is everyone’s business and democratize it whenever you can.. You know that true insights cannot be “delivered”, but must be “developed”. You don’t catch the fish for others every time they need one, you teach them how to fish.
  • You believe that “fun” and “engaging” are as important to research as “robust” and “insightful”. You bring joy to research, while ensuring data integrity and validity. 
  • You love experimenting with research and can always find an optimal method for the job and constraints at hand. When the right method doesn't exist, you invent it. 
  • You treat your stakeholders the way you treat your customers and design research programs and deliverables around their needs and constraints. 
  • When others describe you, the first words they use are “insightful” and “inspiring”. 


  • You are a versatile, experienced Research Strategist. You have 7+ years of UX Research or Research Strategy experience, ideally in both in-house and consulting settings. You have a strong portfolio of projects supporting end-to-end product development cycle, from audience definition to product adoption. You are skilled in qual and quant research.   
  • You are an educator extraordinaire with 3+ years of UX Research teaching and coaching experience. You are versed in instructional design and adult learning methodologies.  
  • You have first-hand, in-depth knowledge of the product development process and the needs and challenges of its different phases and disciplines.  
  • You are a master communicator. You produce exceptional deliverables that are concise, clear, and delightful. You know how to make any audience pay attention to what you say and be eager to learn from you. You are a facilitation guru, a writer, and an entertainer. 

Ideally, you have a hybrid background in Design and Research, Product Management and Research, or any combination of Research and other Product-related disciplines.  



In addition to being part of our quest to help people empower their imagination, we offer:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Flexible time off
  • A phenomenal learning environment for you to develop


We bring people to our team that care about our mission to inspire and connect creative people globally, and who feel aligned with our values:

  • Make others successful
  • Adapt to thrive
  • Play to wow
  • Think global
  • Experiment like an owner

Practicing equality through imagination work.

MURAL is committed to creating diverse and inclusive workspaces where people can make a positive impact on the world and share their vision of how they achieve it. We are dedicated to working alongside multiple communities to help build this dream and bring it to life. 

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