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Posted 3 weeks ago

Wrangler. Planner. Thinker. Problem Solver. These are just a few of the jobs of a Strategist at Delegate Solutions. It’s a position that requires confidence, thoughtful communication, organization, and the ability to have hard but productive conversations.

Clients turn to us to help them run the back offices of their businesses, and support them while they grow. Often, that also means helping to run their lives, too. They want us to help move things forward, even when we don’t have all the information. They turn to us for creative solutions to simplify complexities to help them be as efficient as possible. They have a lot to do in a day, and our Strategists help make sure they are free to do their most impactful work.

Too often, administrative strategy is overlooked. But the entrepreneurs we work with need it, even if they don’t know they do. The people best suited to this work have worked in administration and know what works and what doesn’t. They have extremely high quality standards because they know what is possible. Their clients feel the impact of their approach everyday and our Strategists genuinely love being behind the scenes helping bring our client's visions to life.

Strategists at Delegate function as project managers, working hand-in-hand with a team of Implementers who function as project/ executive assistants. Strategists ensure that the plan the team creates is being followed, and they step in when it's not. That means they also must manage clients whose expectations are out of line with the agreed upon plan. There’s a lot of toughness required in this role. Entrepreneurs are notorious for their ability to change plans quickly and part of the role requires you to keep the plan on track and manage accountability around who is doing what and by when-- both for the team and for the client.

Strategists work between 25 to 40 hours per week. In this role they can expect to work with 7-10 clients each week spending about an hour or less on each client each day. Strategists spend their time managing projects, putting together processes hosting weekly meetings, managing the execution of the delegation strategy and keeping the conversation on track and the ideas organized. The role requires weekly video meetings with clients, recurring internal video team meetings and daily availability during the business hours. It allows for great flexibility in how you structure your day and your time within that framework.


Job Summary

The Strategist drives the success of client accounts by demonstrating a commitment to the growth of each client’s business. Through intentional and proactive planning, the Strategist designs and manages project plans and process workflows that alleviate client pain points and allow clients to refocus their time on what motivates them most. The Strategist ensures the designed service is delivered on time, holding clients and teammates accountable along the way. The Strategist identifies trends and opportunities for new delegation strategies, forecasts potential barriers, initiates proactive solutions and seeks new automations to increase efficiencies.

Demonstrated abilities in:

  • Virtual work environment
  • Managing multiple accounts, timelines and projects
  • Proactively identifying trends and opportunities for growth
  • Managing resources
  • Leading others
  • Critical thinking and sound decision making
  • Relationship building long-term relationships
  • Working on teams and in an professional environment
  • GSuite, internet and technology savvy
  • Must have own computer, software, and office high-speed internet connection

Technical Requirements

  • Desktop computer or laptop (no tablets or notebooks)
  • Minimum 1.0GHz dual-core processor
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. MAC at least Catalina v10
  • anti-virus just needs to up to date
  • at least 10 mbps speed test download (1.8mbps upload)

Key Competencies Skills/Qualifications

Project planning and management, process design, project oversight and tracking, managing workflows, designing strategies for better time management, enthusiasm for supporting growing business owners, strong work ethic, managing accountability, exceptional communication skills, strong technical background, experience managing relationships and delegating work, strong organizer and planner, customer service, delegation and process improvement, decision making, problem solving, time management, analyzing information, developing standards, professional writing skills, scheduling, GSuite skills, verbal communication, excellent learner with the ability to listen and understand, and execute complex written and verbal instructions, kind, thoughtful, a love for helping others, great follow through, graciously transparent, do what you say, enthusiasm for excellence.

Most Difficult/Demanding Part of the Position

  • Time management
  • Strong follow-through and detail orientation
  • Adherence to process and prioritizing tasks
  • Balancing multiple clients and competing priorities effectively
  • Addressing concerns transparently with clients, teammates and Success Manager


Please take the time to go through our website, before completing the application form. You'll get an in-depth look at who we are, what we do, and the kinds of clients we work with.

This is a remote, flex position that will lead to between 25 and 40hrs per week, and that offers a flexible schedule of Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Our team earns a competitive wage of $15/hour during probation, which increases to $18/ hour after completion of successful 90 day review. At that time, the position moves to salary equating to 30 hours per week. We offer Aetna health benefits when you are averaging at least 30 hours per week and PTO based on company tenure.

Job tags: Customer service Windows
Job region(s): North America
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